Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Well this is it the first day of my regular witterings on the latest happenings of the Bowland Hen Harrier. Today I share the sentiments of the late Jim Morrison when he stated "I am, to a degree, just a puppet, controlled by a lot of forces I understand only vaguely."

So with this in mind I must let you into a secret (that if you become a regular reader will become all too obvious). I write this blog with a cursory level of knowledge in respect to Hen Harriers or in fact birds in general. I mean I can tell you the difference between a bird and say a sheep, but my ignorance on the subject is all too transparent.

I hope that this ignorance does not detract from your enjoyment of this blog and that you will join me on a journey of discovery, learning all about this fascinating bird of prey,the progress of her nest and chicks as the weeks unfold; as I do have a cunning plan (a plan so cunning if it had a tail it would be a fox! - thank you Black Adder)

Despite my personal failings I am priveldged on this project to work with two people whose expertise and knowledge regarding Hen Harriers is amazing. Pete Wilson from the RSPB and Stephen Murphy from Natural England both Hen Harrier afficionado's who I will rely upon heavily in the writing of this blog.

So grab yourself a cuppa and keep logging on and follow the activity over the next 6 weeks. Post a comment and ask me anything, I will do my best to find the answer for you. Cx

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