Thursday, 21 May 2009

Whilst the weather this morning was a bit grim, this afternoon the glorious sun shone down on Bowland. Not only is the sun shining on us, but the technology gods have equally been kind (those who will remember last years project will be all too familiar with that particular technological saga!!).

The nest has been identified, the technology is in place (working and everything - hooray!!!) Mum is new to us in that she is not wing tagged so I have no information regarding her. She has laid 4 eggs and Pete (or should I say Mystic Meg) advises that the first egg should hatch on Saturday 30th May (I don't know how he knows, just jolly impressed that he does).

We have decided to start filming the nest from Friday 29th May and the first screening at the Bowland Visitor Centre, Beacon Fell will start on Sunday 31st May. The screenings will only be available for about 5-6 weeks every day at the centre from 10am. We are very lucky to have a small army of volunteer presenters who are all too happy to share with you their impressive knowledge and enthusiasm for the Hen Harrier. So please do take advantage of this very unique and priveledged insight into this rare, enigmatic and fascinating bird of prey.

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